You don't need to go to *that*  furniture store to eat good Swedish meatballs!;) Let's make them!

For the meatballs: – 400 gr Ground beef and pork – 85 gr Minced onion - (approximately) – 1 Egg yolk – 50 gr Breadcrumbs – Salt – Black pepper – 5 gr Extra virgin olive oil – 5 gr Unsalted butter


For the gravy you will need:  – 10 gr Cornstarch – 250 gr Meat or veggie broth – 25 gr Milk – ½ tablespoon Soy sauce

How to make them, step-by-step: (meatballs) 1. Add all the ingredients (except butter and oil) to a bowl and combine with your hands.

2. Take an ice cream scoop and form meatballs: each scoop needs then to be divided in two. You'll get 23 meatballs. 3.  You can now freeze or immediately cook them.

4. To cook: in a pan, heat butter and oil at medium heat, then  place all your meatballs on the pan. Let brown on one side.  Flip them and let brown on the other side, then lower the heat and cover.

Let cook for about 10 minutes or until ready (no pink inside!)  ** if the meatballs absorbed all the fats, add 10 extra gr of butter. Transfer meatballs on a plate, keep the juices/fat**

5. In the same pan, add 10 gr of cornstarch and stir with a small whisk. 6. Gradually add broth, then milk. KEEP whisking or lumps will form. 

7. Add soy sauce. 8. After a couple of minutes, add cooked meatballs. 8. Let gravy thicken. 9. Serve with mashed potatoes 

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